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On the darkest nights they come the sky warriors of Fenris

Fight against Forces of Chaos
  • Bloodletters of Khorne Possessed of enormous strength, they are renowned for the savage ferocity of their charges. In battle they try to outdo each other in ruthless acts of cruelty and savagery.

  • Chaos Cultists Despite their primitive wargear, Chaos Cultists are often able to drown a superior foe through sheer weight of numbers and a fierce desire to tear open the belly of Imperium.

  • Chaos Space Marines Merciless and brutal warriors - accursed by man and god alike. They possess not only the superhuman abilities, peerless training and devastating weaponry of the Space Marines, but also power from their unholy pacts with the Gods of Chaos.

Lead your squad into fierce battles in a turn-based tactical combat game, using collectible cards to drive the on-screen actions of the characters. Use the environment to gain an advantage over foes.
Find your own ways to accomplish missions.

Build your own deck. Complete missions and challenges to get new powerful cards, upgrade them at the Iron Priest's Forge and make your enemies tremble in fear.

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